Are you shy?

  • Are you a shy person who just doesn't know how to start a conversation?
  • Are you always sideline when it comes to job promotion
  • Are you wondering why no one asked you out for lunch?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you are probably in the right place.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Shin. I am a OLA Transformational Communication Coach.

You probably don't know me. You may come across my post on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook or referred by a friend. And I am sure there must be something here that I could help that brought you here.

I was just like you when I started working in my early 20s. I was shy, overweight, unattractive and lack of confidence when dealing with people. I was so afraid that people would laugh at me when I speak. I hate the feeling of being ignored and looking stupid. So, I took a bold step to make that change!

Guess what? That move changed my life forever!

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I am sure you have wanted to build better relationship with people and wanted people to understand you.

You are NOT ALONE in this journey. We can do this... TOGETHER!

Our clients love us because...

Everyone wants results, don't you? You can see breakthrough results in 1 week time! Joining me on this journey helps you to have that. 

Don't you want to be able to connect with others, articulate your idea with confidence, and get what you want in life?

Take Your First Step Here!

What if I tell you that you can talk to anyone after you come to learn PROVEN techniques on how to talk to anyone.

If you think I can help you to make a small BREAKTHROUGH in your life that

  • save you the embarrassment in front of people
  • start a relationship with someone who understand you
  • get what you want that you thought it was only in your dream

Click on this link now to see how I can help you make the first transformation.


Have Confidence

Having confidence in dealing with your daily life task. You will never  be the same again.


Articulate Ideas

Use your unique voice to say what you want to say, tactfully and filled with conviction.


Get Results

Get what you have always wanted - results!